We all want to look sharp but most of us would like to be comfortable as well. This is why we have chosen the following two brands to represent this portion of our selection. Casual Friday versatile offerings allows you to dress it up or down with their clean line chinos right up to their casual blazers. For those wanting the same idea but maybe a little more refined we present to you Blue Industry. Both provide a slim sleek look that even works for the biggest of guys.


We are not shy to say that we take scandicool menswear up one level.

With every item we celebrate Scandinavian coolness and sleek style, and you will sure notice the fine tailoring details, sharp silhouette and great fits. But you will also immediately recognize the simplicity about every look and item, so you never have to think twice about how to style the collection to your own personal expression. Even a shirt-and-tie guy will consider doing hoodie with tailored pants when he discovers our take on both fashion stating items and wardrobe staples.


“The Blue Story is captured in a vibrant palette of warm colours and hand-drawn floral prints, evoking the blissful joie de vivre of vacations spent on boat rides, seafood dinners, and sandy beaches in the South of France.

Dive in to effortless tailoring, chic sneakers, fresh summer shirts and elevated sportswear.

Dive into the Blue

Be part of the Blue Story.


273 Front st. Belleville

+1 (613) 962-2622


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