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We have a broad selection of styles for every need. Our choices are often made from the products ability to have re-occurring value, usefulness and trend. The main grouping is of the classic or heritage choice but we do tend to add some serious flair to our selection from time to time. Come check check out our selection today


Since 1995 BED STU has been making exceptional quality leather goods without compromising integrity or craftsmanship right here in North America. Their attention to details and industry known unique wash process has caught the eye of millions. Whether you are looking at their ocean tumble, rust belt, oil spill, or their Lux finishes it’s undeniable when it is a BEDSTU PRODUCT.


Often imitated, never bettered. In our archive of more than 22,000 styles are shoes that have sparked revolutions, defined generations and captured imaginations. A shoe for every collective, our world-famous Wallabee is worn by Britpop icons, Jamaican Rude Boys and hip-hop royalty – while Nathan Clark’s inimitable Desert Boot is just as iconic today as on its creation in 1950.

- Steve Madden

In 1990, with a mere $1,100 in his bank account, Madden started crafting shoe designs from his Queens-based factory and the Steve Madden brand was born. With sheer guts, years of experience in the footwear industry and unique creative designs, Steve Madden formed one of the most iconic fashion brands in America. He has an innate sense of what's hot, what's next and what's exciting.

- New Balance

Independent since 1906, New Balance is an iconic brand with a rich history in footwear technology, fashion and innovation. We focus on their 574 and 480 from their heritage lines as these represent likely their 2 most iconic and sought after models today and from the past.


Just like the company which was founded in Redwing Minnesota back in 1905 their boots are made to last! No doubt about it the Iron ranger line of Redwing boots not only has that great rugged look but also can give you a refined look with a little polish. You don’t buy these boots for today but for tomorrow and many more tomorrow’s down the road.

We consider Redwing boots to be a part of our Character wears collection at Park Provisioners.


PARC City Boot is the brand made for 21st century gents on the go, designed in Toronto and manufactured in Portugal using the finest European materials. Each boot is inspired by a notable urban park found all over the globe. PARC blends classic details with a subtle hint of sophisticated ruggedness.


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